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Each and every company is displayed through a visual image. So you would want yours to stand out right? Well I want to create something for you that shows what you and your company is all about.

My mission building up DaisyDarlingDesign is to transform; to keep every sketch just as interesting as the last. Something eye catching that stands out for every clients company publicly, but also for the client on a personal level. Logos are simply timeless.


“It is one of the best feelings in the world to create something that not only makes you feel like you accomplished something great, but also when a client loves your work. A logo is just a logo unless it really connects to the people who make up the business.”

“Everyone has a craft, something that makes them feel more alive than anything else and something they strive to do. For me, this is my craft.”

For portfolio requests or business inquiries,

contact me, Sam, at 763.438.8692 or imadaisydarling@gmail.com