After Christmas Fashion Tips

Hello! Since it’s just after Christmas, maybe you got some great fashion pieces as gifts. So I thought I’d write about how to style them.

First, it depends on what you got. Considering it’s probably something that screams you and your personality, that it’s something you really wanted and something very personalized. It may also be something basic that you wanted to. So the pieces could range into a lot of categories – all depending on what you got.

So let’s just say you got basic leggings, patterned leggings, black jeans, sweatpants, a pink basic tee, a brand name tee, and a big gray kitted sweater. Very random pieces but all ones you wanted and love. So I’d start by paired up a bottom with a top. Just pair together what makes sense. And let’s say you got tops and bottoms that really don’t match for Christmas, that’s when you pull in pieces from your closet. Experiment! Take some time to style and create looks that express you. Now going back to our examples:

Basic leggings- they go with pretty much anything. And since it’s winter, it would be great to pair it with that big gray kitted sweater. Or if you live where it’s a little warmer, pair the leggings with a tee that has some type of graphic on it. Since the leggings are just plain black, it would be great to add some design to the look.

Patterned leggings- Since they have a design on them, I would pair them with a very simple graphic shirt or with a plain basic top. You don’t want to have too much design. Keep it somewhat simple.

Black jeans- This one’s a lot like the black leggings, very simple. One of the best pieces you can have in your closet. Pair it with anything that you feel like wearing! It’s totally up to you on how you style it.

Sweatpants- First off, I love sweats. You gotta sometimes have those lazy days ya know?  So since you’re having a lazy day, you can pair it with a tank, a simple tee, a sweatshirt. Whatever matches. (And is comfortable, of course!)

Pink basic tee- Or any color that you might of got for Christmas or already have in your closet. Basic tees are great to pair with a bottom that might be a little more detailed. Like a pattern or something. Basic tees are awesome and go with a lot of different pieces, including those creative ones you might have.

Brand name tee- This could probably go with many different bottoms. Jeans, leggings, sweats. Really whatever you want with this one. Just pair it with something that makes sense.

Gray kitted sweater- Or whatever color sweater you might have. I personally love sweaters with leggings. I think they just go great together. And most of the time a kitted sweater is big, plain, and simple. So you could go with a plain or more detailed pair of leggings. Whatever you feel!

Well those were just some examples of items you may have gotten for Christmas, or already have in your closet. No matter what you got for Christmas, let it express who you are and get creative. I always love when I get new pieces and can pair them up with other new pieces or ones I already own. Just get creative!

XOX~ StephanieStaree 


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