The Hunt: A Fashion Website



Hi guys! Stephanie here, and for this post I thought I would tell you guys about a site I recently discovered. It’s called The Hunt.

The Hunt is a site where you can upload a picture of an item that you found on the internet, and if you don’t know where to buy it online, people will solve your “hunt” by commenting a link underneath your post to the site that sells that exact item, something similar, or something that goes with it, depending on your description of what you want on your post.

You can also explore and solve someone else’s “hunt” if you see a post and you know the site you buy it on.

Or, if you just like to shop, you can just scroll through and find cute items.

I thought I would share this site with you because I think it really helps your personal fashion. If you find something you really like online, post it on The Hunt and someone will find that exact item so you can have your clothes fit you! This site will for sure help me in the fashion world. And with the app now available on the Play Store, as well as the App Store, there’s no reason not to give it a try!

A link to the website is located here.




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