Have The Most Relaxing Bath Ever With These Tips

After a long, stressful day at work, or if you’re just having one of those days, a great way to relax and de-stress is to take a nice warm bath. So here’s some tips for having a successful, relaxing bath.

  • Bubbles!


Bubble bath is a great way to compliment a bath. My favorite bubble bath is actually a shower gel, from Bath & Body Works, called Sweet Pea. (Find here.)

  • Candles


Candles are great lighting for a bath, and the scents will relax you! So light up as many as you want. It’s hard for me to choose, but my favorite candle at the moment is the Goose Creek brand Cotton Flower candle. (Find here.)

  • Green Tea Bags


Put some tea bags in your bath! For your bath, it doesn’t really matter the kind, or how expensive. You can get the cheapest ones and they’ll work just as good in there!

  • Drink Some Detox Water


Drink some healthy detoxing water while in your bath! It makes you feel great, and it’s important that you keep hydrated. For detox water recipes, check out my post on 5 Detox Water Recipes by clicking here.

  • Music

Music always helps to get me less stressed. Browse some Spotify playlists and see what you can find. They’res many de-stressing playlists on there.

  • Essential Oils

Essential Oils work for so many different situations, but I mostly use mine in the bath. I have a shipment of some new ones coming that I will probably do a post on, but as on right now I have six. My favorite/s is the de-stress set from Eden’s Garden. (Link here.) I love the scent of all of these, so in my bath I do a drop of each, but do one extra drop of the one “Stress Relief.”

  • Soap Petals


I don’t use these often, I find them kinda pointless, but they’re a cute decoration.

I hope these tips/ideas helped you be inspired when it comes to having an ultimate relaxing bath!




2 thoughts on “Have The Most Relaxing Bath Ever With These Tips

  1. […] Back in June I did a post that was kind of a DIY spa day mixed with just relaxing bath tips, (Find here.) So today I thought I would do a similar post but instead of my regular products I use Christmas […]

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