My Quote Wall In Progress

Hello everyone. Today I wanted to do a post on my quote wall. I added a decent chunk today, and at this point I’m redoing the wall to make all the quotes black and white, simply because it will match my room so much better. You might be wondering why I didn’t just make them all black and white in the first place, and the answer’s because I had no idea how to print in black and white from my printer until two days ago. Haha anyways that’s why a section is black and white and the rest is color. I’m gonna start by finishing the wall in black and white, and then going back and trashing the colored ones, and replace those with new black and white ones.

Anyways, some pictures are below:


I thought I would just share my quote wall with you guys because it’s actually a big part of my life. I mean I do have days where I kinda ignore it because I hate reading, I’m busy, and/or I’m just so used to it. But I still love having it there, because some days I need it a lot. I love having them around my vanity because I usually have a little time to read a few in the morning that way. (: I think this is a simple and great way to get more inspiration into my life. Some more pictures below.

Snapchat--1456457355643667177_resized  Snapchat-2452733097585394142_resized  Snapchat--3691931987475628073_resized  Snapchat--4041071631840738875_resized  Snapchat-4804166055457214279_resized




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