Summary Of My Summer

A lot has happened this summer for me.

I started the summer by flopping on the couch and watching spongebob and not moving for about 10 hours. I went to an Imagine Dragons concert on the 11th, which was truly one of the best days of my life. They inspire me so much and being able to go and have a great experience was truly special. I got closer with one of my friends, which I feel is great. I had to let go of some people that were bringing me down, which wasn’t the easiest for me but I know it was the best thing to do. I got to see my best friend a lot this summer, and I made some great memories with her. Me and my other friend stayed in touch as much as possible, but ended up not seeing each other because of work and the distance. I did a lot of exercise to lose about 8 pounds and maintain that. I had a lot of days where I had time to go sit outside and just enjoy nature, which is probably one of my favorite things I did.

Towards the end of summer I got a new outlook or perspective on life, which is really hard to explain, but my positive thoughts about myself as well as situations I face have ascended greatly which is nice of course. Having my negative thoughts dissapearing more makes me feel like things aren’t really holding me down anymore. I let a lot of things go, along with people, because I had to do what’s best for me. I quit comparing my progress to other people’s paths and started focusing on mine. I’m starting to do what’s best for me.

What I got most out of this summer was that life stops for no one. Life is short and if there’s something you want to pursue, don’t wait. If anything, the time for it is now.





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