End Of Summer Eye Makeup Look

Hello (: Yesterday I came up with a end of summer eye makeup look that incorporated both summer and fall vibes, and I thought I would share it with you guys.



  • GeoGirl Eyeliner Pencil in 540 Organic Rose (Or any shimmery pink eyeliner.)
  • NYX Natural Eyeshadow Palette
  • Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara in Very Black (Or any black mascara will do.)
  • Jordana Eye Primer (Oh any thick and creamy eye primer.)
  • e.l.f. Professional Eyeshadow Brush (Or any layered eyeshadow brush.)


  • Start by applying the eye primer.
  • Use the eyeshadow colors that have a star above them. (Starred in picture above.) Start with the darkest color on the outer lid, medium color in middle, and light shimmery color on inner lid. I also used the light shimmery color as the blending color. (Diagram below.) I used the e.l.f. brush to apply it.


  • Apply eyeliner, wing is optional.
  • Apply mascara.

Optional: Flirt! Squeeze Me Super Shiny Lipgloss in 06 Passion Potion works great with this look. This lip gloss screams fall, but with the shimmer it ties in with the light shimmery shade of eyeshadow that reminds me of the shimmering summer sun.

And your done!

I think this look is perfect for the transition to fall.

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Stephanie (:


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