My Favorite Christmas Candles 2015

Hello everyone. Over the past year, my love for candles has greatly increased. This time of year is a very popular time to burn some. Even those people that really aren’t into them I find them burning a few this time of year. There’s so many to choose from, so don’t be afraid to explore. Here’s my three favorites I found this season.

  • Sonoma “Falling Snow”:


This candle smells like peppermint candy canes with a hint of pine and vanilla. I love the combination of these scents because it seems like three different candles in one. Available at Kohls.

  • Bath & Body Works “Black Tie”:


This smells mainly like sage, with a hint of scandal wood. This is one of my favorite candles of all time. Even though it is classified as a Christmas scent, I would love to burn this scent year round. Available at B&BW.

  • Enticing Aromas “Holiday Wreath”:


This scent I find a very classic Christmas scents. It just simply smells like a Christmas tree. It’s a very basic scent but brings back many memories. It’s a great scent to help bring people together. Available at Shopko.


What are your favorite Christmas candles this year?




One thought on “My Favorite Christmas Candles 2015

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