Christmas Spa Day

Hey guys! Back in June I did a post that was kind of a DIY spa day mixed with just relaxing bath tips, (Find here.) So today I thought I would do a similar post but instead of my regular products I use Christmas related items. Let’s get started.

I start by drawing my bath.



I used a total of six products. I used the Juniper Breeze shower gel and body lotion from Bath And Body Works. I love this scent around Christmas time, because it smells like a classic Christnas scent mixed with citrus. It’s like winter with a little dash of summer, I really love it.

Next I’m using the StephanieStaree Pine Needle body wash. This really helps moisturize. I’m also using my own peppermint bath bomb, which turns the water green, so its great for the occasion.

I’m using three peppermint tea bags, and two candy canes. All you have to do with both of those is throw them in, and they’ll instantly do their magic.


Last I’m using a DIY peppermint sugar scrub, which is just a mix of sugar, olive oil, peppermint essential oil, and crushed candy canes. Adding food coloring is optional, and its a great addition if you’re giving it as a gift and want to put different colored layers into the jar. (I will do a separate post soon on the sugar scrub.)



I used a various bunch of candles. I used a few Christmas candles, with a couple lavender scented ones. From left to right, I used the lavender candle, Bath And Body Works French Lavender, Enticing Aromas Holiday Wreath (featured in My Favorite Christmas Candles 2015 post. Click here!), Bath and Body Works Mint Mocha, and Sonoma Falling Snow (Also featured in My Favorite Christmas Candles 2015 post. Click here!)

I hope you enjoyed! What is your favorite Christmas “pamper” product/s?



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