Calming Your Mind Before Bed

Hey guys! If you didn’t notice, I haven’t blogged for almost two weeks. I’ve been finalizing things and getting new things figured out with school, and its been taking up almost all of my time. The only thing I had time left to do was sleep. My sleep schedule has been super messed up recently; it really hasn’t had any consistency. So I thought I would do a post on the few things I do occasionally to help my mind properly shut off at bedtime.

  • Burn Some Candles

Candles are probably the #1 thing that help me go to sleep. My current favorite candle is the Fireside Hearth candle from Sonoma Life+Style, so I’ve been burning that a lot recently, but usually I tend to use scents such as bamboo, lavender, and jasmine right before bed, because they’re very tranquil to me.

  • Sip Some Tea

If you guys didn’t know already, I’m absolutely obsessed with tea. Most of the time I drink tea during the day to relax and relieve stress while I’m working on specific tasks. Sometimes I’ll have tea before bed, and when I do it has always been Zen tea by Tazo.

  • Listen To Some Chill Music

I’m always listening to music. Right before bed I’ll play one of my playlists that help my brain chill. Usually I tend to listen to some soft electronic indie at this time.

  • Write

Before bed is one of the best times to write. Usually all your thoughts you collected throughout the day are aching to be unloaded, so pick up a pencil, or whip out that laptop and get typing. It’s a great way to get things off your chest.

  • Exercise

Exercising before sleep works the best for me. A lot of people I know like to workout right after they wake up in the morning because it gets them motivated for the rest of their day. For me, I always end up super exhausted, and I never have enough time to do a workout with the length I want. So doing this before bed is the most convenient for me; then I can shower and usually fall asleep faster since I’m more worn out.

  • Essential Oils

If I’m having a really difficult time falling asleep, I’ll burn lavender or penetrating blue oil with a carrier oil in my wax warmer. It gets very strong when I put it in the warmer, and it fills my entire room. Both of those scents help me get to sleep on those nights were it’s extremely late and I got to try and work with the time I have remaining and get some sleep in fast.

  • Take a Walk

If I’m rolling around and I can’t stop tossing and turning, I’ll get up and take a walk outside. I’ve always loved nature, and taking even a few breaths outside makes me feel so much more relaxed. If you’re not really into nature as much as I am, try just taking a walk around the house.

– – – – –

I hope these things help you clear your mind faster before bedtime. These things are reasonably simple, and they can have a big impact. Lack of sleep affects you more than you think, try your best, and I hope these help. (: –

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