My First Canvas

Hello there! I’m pleased to say that I finished my first ever canvas today. I’m super proud of myself. It took me approximately fifteen hours, so I thought it was worth sharing. I’m currently doing a pop art unit at school. I thought I would do a four tile Andy Warhol vibe painting. Andy would always paint the simple things that were popular in culture. I thought I would do the opposite. If Andy was still alive, I feel he would be painting IPhones and the Facebook logo and things like that.

Instead of that, I thought I would do more of a reverse Andy Warhol piece, and painted four succulents. I feel that nature is an important factor in our lives and many people take it for granted, or don’t value it as much as we should. So I guess that’s how I came up with it. For the colors, I just chose bright ones. Diagonally I made them have the same petal accent colors, and then the succulents and the background colors flipped diagonally as well.


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