My Spring Lip Look

Hello there lovelys. Today I thought I would share with you the three products I’ve been combining to create a beautiful and stunning lip look. It’s very natural, and simple. It also works with almost any look. So let’s get into it.


The three products I use are the NudeStix Lip and Cheek Pencil in Mystic, the Urban Decay Revolution High Color Lip Gloss in Kinky, and the Vintage Jessica Liebeskind Lip Gloss in Pink Sequin. I start by putting on the lip pencil just around the perimeter of my lips. Then I applied the kinky lip gloss to my whole lips, and applied the vintage gloss over that. It’s quite a few layers, but they pair together perfectly and create a slight ombre effect. Usually I do very neutral makeup looks with bold lips in the springtime, but this year I’m doing the opposite. I’m doing brighter eye makeup looks with neutral, simple lips. It’s something I’m not used to, but I really love.

– – – – –

I hope you enjoyed this post. I also hope you all have an amazing Easter.

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