10 Ways To Calm Your Overactive Mind

It’s pretty common for all of us to have those days where are minds are racing everywhere, your minds overthinking and you seem like you can’t get relaxed. Whether you’re overwhelmed with work, school, or even personal things, this list of ways to calm your overactive mind could help you.

  • Breathe

Just stopping and taking the time to do some simple breaths can help you feel so much better.

  • Candles/Incense

Candles are always a helper. Start burning your favorite scents around you, especially when doing work. Surrounding yourself with a scent you love can make you feel more relaxed and help you focus on the specific task you’re doing.

  • Blankets!

Wrap up in a huge pile of blankets, it’ll give you a sense of comfort.

  • Nature

Take a second to go and sit outside and just breathe in the fresh air.

  • Music

Music often helps uplift people and put them in a better mood. Jam to your favorite playlist!

  • Exercise

Exercise usually helps eliminate some stress.

  • Tea

If tea is your thing, enjoy a cup while wrapping up in a blanket with your favorite book or sip some while working in your office space.

  • Color

Coloring is a great way to expand your creativity while also relaxing the mind.

  • Call someone.

Just vent to someone!

  • Personal Interests

One of the most important things to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed, is to take a little bit of time to do what makes you the happiest. Even if you’re super busy, find a little bit o time to do some of your personal interests. They’re your interests for a reason.

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