Swim Haul

Hello! I recently went to a couple stores and picked up some swimwear for the 2016 summer.

The first one I picked up is this crochet tankini from Kohls. I paid about $15 for it, and I absolutely love it. The top is white with black crochet fabric on top, and the black crochet fabric continues down into a tankini. (So the midsections see through.)


The next is a top and bottom set at Walmart for $5. It’s a very basic set, but for $5 it’s a great deal and you cant go wrong with another suit.


I got some crochet shorts to go over my bottoms at Walmart for $8.


This is my favorite one I picked up. I purchased it at Target for about $15. The first layer is just a basic black sports bra, and has a crochet top layer that tapers down in the front.


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