DIY Tumblr Inspired Collage Frame

Hello! Ever wanted a diy craft that really shows a lot about your personality while also being a cute addition to a space? Try a tumblr inspired collage frame! This craft takes very little supplies, and its worth the short time it takes to put it together.


What you’ll need:

  • Printed out images
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape
  • Piece of paper for frame
  • Picture frame

Step 1:

Print out the images you want into your collage frame. I’ll have the images I used connected to the bottom of this post! I printed mine wallet sized so they were all small enough to fit into the frame. They can be anything; make sure its something that means something to you.

Step 2:

Take scissors and cut out all your images.

Step 3:

Take a standard piece of paper and glue/tape all your images into a collage on there. I laid all of mine out first so I could move them around and see where I wanted them before hand.

Step 4:

Put your collage piece of paper inside your picture frame. That’s it! You can hang it on a wall or have it in your work space like me – wherever you want to bring a space together with a piece that screams you.

– – – – –

Instagram: @im_a_daisy_darling



AKA: Steph

Pictures I used in my collage:

Click on any circle for the individual image!


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