Songs Of The Week (#6)

  1. Cold Water By Major Lazer, MO, Justin Bieber

Major Lazer is one of my favorite artists, and I found it a very creative collaboration to join MO with Justin Bieber. Their voices pair together very well, and I would of never thought of making something like this creative mash up.

  1. Bang Bang By Green Day

This is a new song by them that came out yesterday, and even though I haven’t listened to it much, I got to give it a shoutout because I grew up listening to Green Day day after day. They almost seem timeless.

  1. Chocolate By Jesse Rose, Troze

My friend showed me this song not too long ago, and let me just say, what a fabulous car jam! This song only had a few basic vocal lines, but it definitely gets the point across. Mixed with it’s solid edm, I think it’s surely a hit.

  1. Stay Away From My Friends By Pierce The Veil

This is an older song by Pierce The Veil, off their Selfish Machines album reissue from 2013. I have listened to this song since 2014, but have recently been listening to it more frequently. It’s not my favorite song from pierce the veil, in fact I find it one it one of my least favorites because it lacks creativity compared to some of their other songs. It’s still Pierce The Veil though, a insanely talented band that I would recommend week after week.

  1. Winning By Fingazz

This song has been my jam for about two weeks. I wake up to this song every morning now. It’s catchy, fun, and the song has so many factors to make it as good as it is.

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