Meet & Greet w/ Wit & Delight

Amazing day on Thursday, March 2nd with a meet & greet with the lovely Kate, along with her team. Wit & Delight set aside a great amount of time to meet up and discuss the company, what her road to success has been like, and just answered simple questions I had going into the design field in the near future.


My junior project was on the exploration of graphics, which included researching branding, identity, and logos. I explored digital design editing, built up a brand for myself, and made connections to designers such as Kate. She has 3.1 million followers on all her platforms combined, and with just that being said it was amazing that she found the time to meet with me.

Wit & Delight is a company started by Kate Arends; a lifestyle blogger who also focuses on branding, interior and fashion design. I went up to the studio with one of my friends and my school advisor. Kate and I have been sending emails back and fourth since about last May, when my advisor spoke to me about her. I’ve seen Wit & Delight on Pinterest prior to this discussion, but found out she was local and decided to reach out, hoping to use the company as a resource for my project. Bridgette, her brand manager, ended up being the one who set up the day and actually made it all possible.

We left around 12:30 pm, and stopped at SpyHouse Coffee off broadway st. where I enjoyed a SpyGirl, which was a latte with lavender and honey. It was my first time at this SpyHouse location, and this one was way more spacious, great architecture and some nice views. Then we headed to the studio arriving around 2, where upon location, had to ask for directions. A typical part of my adventure days. After a few turns, we were at the front door of the Wit & Delight headquarters.

Walking in, there is a beautiful waiting/lounge area on the left, where on the right you can hang your clothes and put your shoes. There’s an office on the left that’s mostly windows, where Kate hides out. Then after a short narrow hallway you find a space with a very open floor plan. A lot of natural lighting coming in from the large windows, and with all of the white, the space seemed larger that it actually was. There were the desks for her team, a shelf full of miscellaneous trinkets, a nice area to meet with clients, a long with a kitchen space.

Kate was on a call so we ended up sitting and talking to Bridgette first. She spent about thirty minutes with us, talking to us about what brought us there and talking about her experience with Wit & Delight. She gave us a tour of the studio, and gave us a lot of insight on everything Kate does. We also got a tour of the new studio space next door. Bridgette has been with the company for about two years, but with the level of experience she has, it seemed like it would be a lot more.

After getting a tour of the future space, we were introduced to Kate. She came and sat down with us and talked to us for about thirty minutes as well. Talking to her was comfortable; she was sweet and kind, and told us a lot about her start and getting where she is today. She talked about her love for branding, the idea behind the blog, and was open to any questions I had for her. Even though she had millions of things on her plate, while she was sitting with us, she was focused on us, and really cared about what we were saying. Sitting with her for even five minutes, you can tell why she’s so successful.

She talked about how starting out is the most different step, but once you do that, all you have to do is keep trying. Keep exploring, keep trying new ideas and putting yourself out there. She started out being an intern, and realizing she had a love for branding back then. She started up the blog as a way to show who she was to people. To get who she was out to clients and companies.

If you supply something where people can find out the basics about you, and dive into who you are, that is what people are looking for. They want to hear about your experience prior to hiring. Once you get that start of being a platform to showcase your work and who you are all about, that’s when people will follow.

She asked questions about my brand I’m building up, what inspires me, where I see myself going with this passion I have, and giving me lots of advice. We discussed how she struggles with finding a balance within herself, but learning want to prioritize is key; knowing want jobs and chances to take, but also realizing you will have to turn down opportunities sometimes too. Doubting yourself is part of the process, but if you keep trying, people will see your passion and love for the field. She’s constantly coming up with brilliant ideas, and constantly being creative, and told me what she does when she lacks inspiration, which happens to everyone occasionally. She does pretty much what I do; do some yoga, take a bath, listen to some new music, get some coffee, drink tea. Making time for yourself is important, because otherwise you’ll overwork yourself and the quality of your work could go down.

The team also answered any other questions I had. It was really inspirational to meet someone who’s doing what I want to do, and hearing the struggles but also the amazing opportunities that can arise. Getting a better background from someone who has experienced the field, gave me confidence and insight into what I’m hoping to do later on. This was such an amazing experience that has inspired me so much with what I want to pursue.

Be sure to check out Kate and Wit & Delight @

Kate & Team; You were all so sweet and kind, and I can’t thank you enough. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for your company. Hope to stay in touch. Happy branding & happy blogging.

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