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Each and every company is displayed through a visual image. You would want yours to be distinct right? Well I want to create something that screams what you and your company is all about. My mission building up this company is to transform, to keep every sketch just as interesting as the last; something eye catching that stands out for every clients company publicly, but also for the client on a personal level. Logos are simply timeless.

DaisyDarlingDesign is a small design business established to specialize in logos and sketches. It is running by me, Sam, a sixteen year old creative, artistic and passionate individual.

Everyone has a craft, something that makes them feel more alive than anything else and something they strive to do. For me, this is my craft. And I found my little niche in this world. Sketching makes me feel content. With every line I make I feel myself progressing and becoming more knowledgeable in this field, and sharing my art with people is truly the best part. I’ve always had an eye for art, and it’s something I’m never going to let go of.

Design is the one thing that has complete control over my emotions. It’s one of the best feelings in the world to create something that not only makes you feel like you accomplished something great, but also when a client loves your work. Creating something that a client loves for their company, but also having it connect to them on a personal level is probably the hardest part. A logo is just a logo unless it really connects to the people who make up the business. There’s also always a downside to things, and with logos sometimes you have to try again and again to get something right. You can start with a standard set of ten logos sketched out, take three digital, and then completely switch the entire idea and have to redo. It’s a lot of restarting, compromising, and can also be quite stressful. But as a great soul one told me, nothing worth having or doing ever comes easy, and once you create that product that everyone’s satisfied with, well, you feel pretty satisfied yourself.

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